The ultimate wieghtshift microlight

This blog is dedicated to the Aircreation Tanarg microlight (ultralight or ULM in some countries).

I have owned and flown one of these fantastic machines for a few years now and have learned the ins and outs of the machine.

The Tanarg is available in two versions, the standard and the ES, but more about them later.

Engines fitted to Tanargs from the factory are the Rotax 582 two stroke with 65 hp, the 912 four stroke with 80 hp and the 912S with 100 hp. The one in the picture has the 912S recognised by the green rocker covers on that engine.

There are also different wing options. The one pictured has the Ixess 15 fitted, a 15 square meter wing, but there is also the option of the slightly faster Ixess 13, and the ultimate wing the Bionix. The Bionix wing is a variable profile wing invented by Aircreation that has a very wide speed range – it can fly very slowly as well as very fast.

The Tanarg is a capable touring machine that has very comfortable seating for two people and the ability to cover huge distances. The design of the Tanarg allows for variable footrest positions for pilot and passenger as well as seat adjustment for the pilot.

Factory options for the Tanarg include a parachute recovery system, banner towing system, glass instruments (EFIS), dual control equipment, wiring for heated clothing, personalised wing colours/designs, larger wheels for rough landings, three hydraulic disc brakes and much more.

The Aircreation factory is in France and they are one of the oldest microlight manufacturers in the world. Their website is at and is available in French, English and Spanish.

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2 Responses to The ultimate wieghtshift microlight

  1. James Lowry-Corry says:

    Thanks for brilliant information. Always thought tanarg was a brilliant machine. Just about to finish getting my licence and hopefully will try and buy a 2nd hand tanarg aircraft though I know that they are difficult to find.

    • rouffignac says:

      That will depend where in the world you are James. There are many in France, loads in Europe and a few in the UK, US and Australia. I believe that most people who buy a Tanarg tend to keep it for a long time. Thank you for commenting.

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