Adjust to fit

The Tanarg has a few adjustable bits to make it more comfortable to fly for pilots and passengers. The foot rests in the front are one such part. There are a number of fore and aft positions (about 8), and this adjustment is quick and easy as the footrests are not directly attached to the front wheel fork.

In the picture above you can see one of the holes just at the end of my finger, each hole is about 2 cm further forward or backward. To adjust the over centre catch (right of the fingertip) must be pulled, a finger nut removed from the far side, and the bolt removed. The whole foot rest carriage can then be pushed forward or backward to the desired position before refitting the bolt. A two minute job to make the aircraft suit any pilot leg length.

When it comes to adjusting the rear foot rests to keep passengers comfortable, the task is even quicker!

This first picture shows the passenger footrest in the “long legs” forward position with the security pin fitted.

This one is in the rear position with the security pin removed.

In both of the last pictures one can see the cable attached to the part where the footrest is fitted. This is to allow the passenger to steer the aircraft on the ground when training. If this is not needed then these cables, one each side, are removed and a bolt fitted to fix the assembly in position. For training purposes a foot throttle is also fitted to the right side passenger footrest and training bars are fitted to the wing.

The black zipped items forward of the passenger footrests are the zip up bags, one each side, for carrying water bottles, snacks, handbags etc.

The small black box with the red button is the socket for the pilots headset/intercom plug. The red button is the press to transmit switch (PTT) for the pilot. There is one the same for the passengers headset.

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