More Tanarg information

What has the Tanarg got that other microlights have not? A very difficult question to answer.

I could go on about the comfortable seats, the decent sized fuel tank or the beautiful lines, but every one can see those things – what is there that cannot be seen?

First of all the Tanarg has a very low centre of gravity when sat on the ground, It has a wider rear wheel track and a longer wheelbase than most trikes, and consequently is very stable when on the ground. People tell me that they want an “off road” microlight for rough strip landings, and then tell me about a trike that sits much higher than a Tanarg, in my opinion that would be a machine that is not too stable when landing on a rock strewn strip. With the Bionix wing the Tanarg is also capable of a very slow touchdown – another safety factor. The same Bionix wing is also quite comfortable cruising at 85 mph (140kmh).

Some other trikes have the foot pedals mounted directly on the top of the nose wheel forks, hit a rut when landing in one of those and should the nose undercarriage collapse, you will end up with sever ankle injuries. The Tanarg is designed with the nose forks forward for stability and then operates them by cables from the footrests. This makes the pilot footrests more adjustable as described in an earlier post, and also reduces the chance of injury in the case of an accident.

The Tanarg has a welded steel triangulated structure with incredible strength, some manufacturers use a square section aluminium base tube which tends to get bent easily after a few hard landings.

there are many more detail that I could talk about, but I will mention them in future posts.

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