Tanarg instruments

There are three different instrument panels that have been available from the factory for the Tanarg. The first is the obvious analogue panel with all the normal flight instruments.

On this one you can see that the owner has a Garmin GPS mount on the top of the dashboard. The “stick” on the right is the hand throttle, and on the left there is a car cigarette lighter type power socket.

The next one is the Flycom Focus EFIS. This is a black and white digital display that was manufactured by a German company. This option was fitted to earlier Tanargs and is no longer available. There is very little information available about this EFIS as the manufacturer is no longer trading. This one has a built in intercom system.

In this picture a Garmin GPS mount is being fitted near the hand throttle. The radio is to the left of the EFIS as is the leaning kit and EGT gauge. With this option the power socket is on the right.

The last picture shown the full colour MGL Enigma EFIS. This has replaced the Flycom Focus as the factory fit EFIS.

The installation in the picture has a separate intercom fitted under the radio on the left. A separate GPS is not required as the Enigma has a very capable one built in. This is a very configurable system and the user can change all sorts of things that are visible on the screen by using a computer and transferring the screens with the SD card on the EFIS. A number of Tanarg pilots have retrofitted the Enigma.

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