This is a subject that arouses discussion whenever it comes into conversation as everyone has different preferences. First of all the question would be how many blades. A single blade prop would be a very efficient beast if one could be manufactured that did not shake the engine and mounts to bits, so we must settle for two or more blades. To my knowledge there has never been a two bladed prop fitted to a Tanarg as it would need to be a fairly large diameter to be able to dissipate the 80 or 100 hp that the engine produces. Three blade props are fairly common, but 5 or more are also fitted. By fitting a prop with more blades the efficiency may be reduced by a very small amount, but the prop runs with less vibration and less noise.

From the factory Tanargs normally have an Arplast prop fitted, but there could be more than one model depending on options.

This first picture shows an Arplast “spoon” prop fitted to the ES version of the Tanarg. This is a quiet prop but not the most efficient. Note the smaller water radiator and the oil cooler under that as is standard on the ES.

The second picture shows a standard Arplast fitted to a standard Tanarg (not the ES version). The blade tips are not bent backwards on this prop.

This is the remains of an Arplast Prop that decided to shed a blade in flight while a friend was flying! The engine was a Rotax 582 which had the engine mountings severely bent when this happened. The pilot was skilled enough to manage to land the trike, but managed to get a ride in an air ambulance helicopter. He is still flying.

This is a Kievprop as fitted to all UK market Aircreation machines, this one is on a Buggy/Clipper. Note that the 2 stroke props turn in the opposite direction to the 912 engined machines. UK Tanargs have the option of a 3 blade or 5 blade version of this prop. This prop is believed to be more efficient than the Arplast as fitted to the ES version of the Tanarg.

Final picture is a Duc spoon prop fitted to a BMW motorcycle engined trike. It has a nose cone fitted, but I don’t think that this does anything apart from look nice on a trike. I don’t know of any Tarargs flying with one of these props, but included the picture because there is an in flight electric adjustable version of this prop available, and think that would totally change the performance and economy if fitted to a Tanarg. It is interesting that the BMW engine, with 100hp, has been fitted to a Tanarg that is flying in Italy.

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