Wheels and brakes

The Tanarg comes with two options of wheels, the standard and the “Hors Piste”. The standard are quite chunky and capable of landing on soft ground with no problem. The “Hors Piste” are even bigger with lower tyre pressures. Combined with the very low centre of gravity, the Tanarg should be able to land anywhere.

Another part of the HP option is three hydraulic disk brakes. The basic Rotax 582 and the 80hp 912 version is available with just a single disk brake on the front wheel.

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2 Responses to Wheels and brakes

  1. Paul Jagger says:

    I was advised that the larger wheels slow the aircraft and burn more fuel, stands to reason I guess, but it would be interesting to know the difference between the two types!

    • rouffignac says:

      Yes Paul, in theory you are correct. The bigger and heavier wheels would cause more drag due to their size and more induced drag due to the extra weight. In my opinion they would only be worth it if you were using the Tanarg for beach landings.

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