More about oil cooling

I had a phone conversation with Marilyn yesterday. She told me that their Tanarg can suffer from high oil temperatures. If you look back at an earlier post about oil coolers, you will see that there are two standard options for the Tanarg 912 and 912S (not the ES).

The first option is the oil cooler above the engine, which Marilyn’s Tanarg has. The second option is to have the factory kit, as mentioned in the earlier post, that moved the cooler to a position in front of the water radiator. This also involved fitting some small air deflectors at both sides of the water radiator to pull more air through.

David, in the US, has the second option for the cooler, but finds that in the hot climate that he flies in, it is still not enough. He then designed an air scoop to push more air through the oil cooler. Here is his picture.

David has found this helps the oil temperature and the proof that it works is in the fact that Henry has also fitted one. Davids words are “I think it looks great, and it helped a lot in keeping the temps down, but has not absolutely fixed the issue.
I have the mold available to make more.”

Note that the scoop is on the left (port) side as the cooler is fitted on the left. This version of cooler is also be fitted on the right (starboard) side on some Tanargs.

I believe that the best solution is to use the Laminova oil cooler and fully synthetic engine oil, which will withstand higher temperatures without degrading.

Thanks David for letting me use the photos.

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