G-MYRO Crash

G-MYRO is a UK registered AX3 aircraft that crashed in France last month.

Having spoken to both pilot and passenger on separate occasions, I have a rough idea of what happened.

The aircraft flew into my 200 meter airstrip at the beginning of April and was parked outside in the grass. Mid June the pilot decides to make his first take off from the airfield, and invites another chap to sit in the passenger seat for the take off. The passenger is about 90kgs, and I would estimate that the pilot is heavier. 1st mistake!

Without deciding on an abort point along the runway (2nd mistake), they gun the little 50hp engine and pick up speed on the slight downhill slope of the runway. The grass runway had been cut two days before, but there was a small tailwind. The aircraft left the ground at the very end of the runway, as the three foot long grass was about under the nose wheel, with very little speed. 3rd mistake – should have aborted and run into the long grass with brakes on.

As the aircraft climbed over the trees, the airspeed was not enough so the little machine stalled, dropped a wing and went nose down into the woods.

This shows the AX3 about 10 meters up in the trees.

These last two pictures show the state of the aircraft after a number of trees had been cut down to recover the little machine.  It has been laying in the woods like this for a number of weeks now, many local people have been to have a look.

I will point out that the above description is what I have heard from both pilot and passenger and all the pictures were taken in a public place where anyone can go and have a look.

EDIT: 7 July 12.

The pilot Roger Mole, has written on the BMAA forum the following: “I was actually moving the aircraft away from his airfield at the first opportunity afforded by the weather after he had contacted me on 30th May demanding that I remove MYRO from his airfield by the end of that month.” The accident happened on the 14th of June.

As I am not registered there I cannot reply to this on that forum so I will paste here the skype message that was written in a conversation between myself and Roger Mole. It is clear from that that I offered him the chance to leave his aircraft at my airfield till the end of December.

22nd May. [14:16:23 CEST] madmanbob: We need to talk about the airfield.

[16:24:40 CEST] rog_ashbury: That’s OK. I will move MYRO if you want as I guess it’s a problem for you

[16:33:54 CEST] madmanbob: Not a problem at the moment. I pay the rent  at the end of June for 6 months to December. I would have thought that you would have everything sorted out and be fully legit by then. If you don’t want to do that then I know that there is space at Domme airfield. Just tell me what you intend to do.

 30th May [22:42:15 CEST] madmanbob: As you have failed to respond to my offer to continue to use my airfield on payment of six months rent, and paid no rent for the time that you have had MYRO at my airfield, I feel that I must ask you to either remove the aircraft from the airfield before the end of May, or to pay the €30 rent per month for May and June. This will give you an extra month to remove MYRO. I am not threatening anything at all, but as you told me, you want to leave the airfield as soon as you can.

 31 May [08:59:45 CEST] rog_ashbury: Bob, I have no problem with paying you for the whole time that MYRO has been and will be at your field. You’ve had to look after the place etc and it’s therefore only right. As there’s only 1 day left in May and I have things that I have to do, I have to request that kit’s left in abeyance until June though.”

This shows what kind of lies people will tell to try and hide from accepting responsibility for the accidents that they have. I am wondering if the accident was reported to the correct authorities as the pilot knows is required in France, just as it would be in the UK.

I would also add that the pilot has never paid a single penny for the 3 months that he parked his aircraft at my airfield despite him saying that he would pay half of the rent.

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1 Response to G-MYRO Crash

  1. rouffignac says:

    To show how dishonest some people can be, the crash was never reported, it was deliberately covered up. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have a website that aircraft registrations are listed on. It seems that nearly 2 months after this crash, the aircraft was reported to them as having been exported. The CAA site is at http://www.caa.co.uk/application.aspx?catid=60&pagetype=65&appid=1.

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