Laminova oil cooler

A big thank you to Nick Stubbs for the pictures in this post. Nick is in the process of building a Tanarg from a kit and has fitted the Laminova oil cooler. He will also be building a BioniX wing for his machine.

Water hoses fitted, waiting for oil hoses.

View from the side.

Bottom oil hose also fitted

Looks tight, but after repositioning air filters, it all fits.

Looks so neat that it could be fitted by the factory – well done Nick.

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6 Responses to Laminova oil cooler

  1. Ken Nussear says:

    Wondered if you had any reports on how well this worked?

    • rouffignac says:

      Hi Ken. Derek has been running this system in the UK with great results for a few years now. I know that he is very happy with it, and it not only warms up quicker, but controls the oil temperature more consistently than the “normal” oil cooler. He may comment himself when he sees this.

  2. Ken Nussear says:

    Sounds great – can you post the part number? might be worth a try on my plane!

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