A German registered Tanarg

I spent the day at Domme airfield (LFDS) today helping Charles change some fuel lines on his Shadow microlight. When we had finished the work, I hopped onto Judes motorbike to head for the coffee shop at the other end of the hangars. I had to stop half way as there was a German registered Tanarg parked on the grass.

After practising my German language skills with the pilot and his wife, we all went up to the cafe for drinks and to hide from the 35c temperatures today. After a few coffees for me it turns out that he is the German Aircreation agent and a flying instructor too. My German skills were not needed as they spoke very good English.

They were on their way north and were looking for somewhere to overnight and eat an evening meal, so I phoned Amanda at www.wanafly.co.uk and arranged everything for them.

At 17:00 hrs they were ready to depart.

It just happened that there were also a number of German autogyros visiting at the same time.

The second microlight in the picture is a machine with a BMW engine that was flying solo with the Tanarg, picture below.

If you are in Germany and wish to contact then their website is www.cavok.de.

They are based near Munich (Munchen).

I have to apologise for some of the pictures as I did not have my camera with me and had to use my mobile phone.

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3 Responses to A German registered Tanarg

  1. Ulrich Hahn says:

    Hi Bob, in the meantime we happily arrived at home. This trip was fantastic, and the weather conditions were always better than expected. The day after the visit at Dave and Amanda’s lovely airstrip and B&B we got till Belfort, only 50 kms from the German border, with stops in Chalon sur Saone and Tournus (restaurant recommendation). Sailing home almost 500 kms from Belfort via Black Forest and Tannheim was rare and breathtaking: Cruising with 120 kms groundspeed in perfect calm air on 6000ft, the whole alpine scenery was in sight, from horizon to horizon.
    We are very happy to have met you, and thank you for the recommendation of Mandy’s and Daves little flying paradise. I think your Tanarg Blog is very interesting and features quite a lot of useful technical hints.
    All the best, hoping to see you soon, maybe in Germany at EDMY!
    Heike and Uli

  2. eths says:

    It’s a small world. I am being taught by Uli in EDMY and hope to get my trike license by the end of the year.

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