About me

I started flying weight shift microlights in 1995 and apart from a short time in group A aircraft have been flying them ever since.

I was an aircraft engineer in my past life and have always had a passion for engineering. I value efficiency and quality, and prefer any machine that is built to a high standard rather than something that is built just to sell. Pure top speed is not a priority, but something that is a very capable all rounder is. The detail is often something which is discovered after years of ownership and was not advertised in sales brochures.

The Tanarg is known as the Bentley of microlights in some parts of the world, and in my opinion deserves that title.

5 Responses to About me

  1. Hi..love your blog. Very well compiled with good informative material. Is it possible to create a link to your blog and my website?? I am the Australian general Importer with Air Creation since about 1996 and I agree with all comments on the ngineering & safety..after 17 years a the agent in a country dominated by the ozzie trike – Airborne ..it has very difficult to crack the market. This years is looking good. Anyhow, lets know your thoughts and I attempted to register but was unable. Have a good day. Smooth flights. Chris Brandon

    • rouffignac says:

      Hi Chris, We have spoken on the phone in the past. I would be happy to put a link to your site in the “Microlight Links” on the side bar of this blog.
      Not sure about the registering bit, I think that you need to have a WordPress blog for that.

  2. Thanks for your reply & link…pardon my memory on speaking with you, not sure of your name?

  3. zeltus says:

    Hello Bob, long time no see. I am still riding my BMW R1150GS Adv despite having to rebuild it after a nasty accident on Dartmoor a few years ago. I, on the other hand, auto-rebuilt myself. Mostly. I’m back in France now, hopefully permanently – still in employment but on a WFH contract. Getting fitter by the day (well, month then) and mebbe lighter as well – by this time next year, you never know, I might be slim enough to fly again. Or mebbe (don’t let SWMBO read this) return to skydiving.



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